My First WordPress Blog

Do I know what I’m doing? No. Obviously. But this is in case someone is looking for my blog page here – I am actually posting on Blogger here is the link. But I joined WordPress so I could post comments on other blogs.

My most recent story for Friday Fictioneers is called Rendezvous

If you’re having a hard time commenting on blogger you may do so here. I may transition all my post for the Fictioneers to here. I’m still undecided, but hosting so many blogs isn’t my idea of simple. 🙂

Thanks, wish me luck, and if you have any advice on how to make this transition easier, please, I’m listening.

Yolanda Renée



9 thoughts on “My First WordPress Blog

    1. Yolanda Renee says:

      I’m having a hard time adding new blog here. I need to take a class or something, but to be honest it’s on the bottom of the to do list. One day I’ll get it figured out. I’m surprised I figured out how to get here today!


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