First, I have to say thank you, to everyone who’s supported me these last few months while I work to achieve a goal – the completion of my novelette the Snowman.
My appreciation is 10-fold, truly, as I’ve been horribly absent from the social side of blogging due to this deadline, but your support has meant the world.
I’d initially thought I’d be announcing the completion of Motive for Murder, and while I gave it everything I had, I couldn’t seem to get it to gel. Not yet – maybe later – maybe never.
But, the Snowman has gelled. Stowy Jenkins, aka Stone (his artistic pseudonym) aka the Snowman, demanded my attention, and I gave it to him.
Therefore, he granted me two books. Well, a novelette, sans the Snowman, and the next novel in the Detective Quaid series, Murder, Just Because.
I don’t think of my time writing Motive for Murder a complete loss, it’s just NOT this books time.
Which leads me to this month’s IWSG Question, very apropos by the way!

Because when you consider the time and effort that I’ve put into Motive for Murder, it does sting a bit that I can’t make it happen as a novel right now. Still, I don’t count it out .. not yet!
IWSG Question: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?
Many times, I have a storehouse of short story ideas that I go back to, especially when I need something in a pinch, or if a prompt reminds me of something I’ve already penned.
Many a time, I’ve sat down and written something  inspired by something seen or done that day. You never know when an idea will grow into a full-fledged book.
So, there’s hope for Motive for Murder, right?

What about you?
Have you ever shelved an entire novel?

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Tamara Narayan
Patsy Collins
M.J. Fifield
Nicohle Christopherson

the cover of the Snowman

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 Maggy struggled against the restraints. “Please don’t do this.” her voice wavered in her throat.
Stone tilted the autopsy table and locked it in place. The old relic, now refurbished, worked like new.
Stone’s heart raced. “Oh, but I do.” he said silkily. “I need your blood to create the new colors for my latest masterpiece.”
“I’ll give you my blood. As much as you like.”
“I know, sweetheart.  I know.” Stone smoothed the sweat soaked hair back from her face. “Sweet little Maggy. So lovely of you to offer.”


  1. Christopher D. Votey says:

    I have an entire novel that after having written it, I haven’t touched it. Too many other things to do. I know it is a good story, and needs a lot of reworking. I had always hoped to be used when I moved from being an Indie Writer to a Traditional Published Writer, but I don’t think I will wait that long to release it. Eventually I’ll get back to it, but too many other things to do.

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